Goodbye, Whispering Future: Hello, Roaring Past!

Trading My Tesla for a Vintage Range Rover

Celebrating Mediocrity
5 min readMay 26


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When it comes to vehicles, my choice has always been an extension of my lifestyle, a reflection of my personality.

For years, my trusty Tesla had been my silent knight in glossy armour.

But the time came to say goodbye and replace the silent, electric future with a roaring, mechanical past.

The reason? Many.

Batteries and Buyouts

The sleek, eco-conscious Tesla had served me faithfully over the years.

But, as its battery warranty ended, the prospect of a potential replacement with a price tag soaring above $20k made me take pause.

Then, there was the issue of undervaluation. The used car market seemed to have developed a blind spot for Tesla’s innate value; the dealerships offered me a measly $13k.

But in the end, I found a private buyer who appreciated its worth and bought it for a fair $28.5k.

Entrepreneurship and Expeditions

The cash inflow from the sale came at a crucial time. I was in the process of starting my own consulting firm, and this gave my nascent business the financial buffer it needed.

Moreover, while Tesla’s long-range capabilities were impressive, they did come with the perennial charging conundrum on longer trips.

And, as unorthodox as it may sound for an EV owner, I missed the grunt of a noisy engine.

Royalty on Wheels

Enter the 21-year-old 4.4Litre V8 Range Rover, the Giverny Green edition.

Happy Birthday to me!

Acquired for $8.5k, this regal beast brought back the noise and drama that my quiet Tesla had subdued.

Its interiors felt like a rolling castle — the exquisite leather, the sheer sense of prestige, and the elevated seating offered a panoramic view that my ground-hugging Tesla could never provide.



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