Stop Being Shy

And 9 other things to stop to win big.

Celebrating Mediocrity
2 min readJan 26


Photo by Ivan Aleksic on Unsplash

Seriously. Stop it.

Get a grip. Stand up for yourself. Face the music. Deliver the goods. Walk with your head held high.

Stop being passive. You think you are being coy and calculating. You aren’t conning anyone. Get up, grab what you want, and make it yours. Nobody else will.

Stop breaking eye contact. Hold it. Even if it hurts. Hold their gaze, look into their soul, and let them know you mean business.

Stop being a pushover. Hold your ground. You know what you want. Don’t settle for anything less. Your conscience knows best. Listen to it.

Stop avoiding conflict. Pick the fights you want. And give it your best. Listen to understand, not to reply. Fighting for what you want doesn’t make you a bad person. Not having a fight makes you weak. And the weak get trounced.

Stop being comfortable. Put your body through stress. Regularly. And your mind. And your conscience. And your hunger. And your sleep. Push your buttons. Stretch your limits. Go to bed exhausted.

Stop eating too much. Eating is more dangerous than not eating. You won’t die if you skip a few meals. Stay hungry. Stay lean. Stay hydrated. Stay sharp.

Stop putting things off. Do today what needs to be done tomorrow. Do now what needs to be done today.

Stop checking your phone. You weren’t put on this earth to check your devices every five minutes. You were put here for a purpose. Break a sweat to achieve it. Your phone can wait.

Stop taking yourself seriously. You are but a speck in the vast nothingness. You don’t matter. Lose your ego. Learn from the unlearned. Laugh at yourself. Fail fast. Stay curious.



Celebrating Mediocrity

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